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Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair

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Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair


10900 Griffin Rd
Davie Florida 33328
, United States



Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair, located in Davie, FL is a trusted provider known for its high-quality garage doors and expert repair services. Catering to both residential and commercial clients, they offer a wide range of styles and materials, ensuring each customer finds the perfect fit for their needs. Their experienced team provides not only installations and maintenance but also personalized consultations, making them a go-to destination for durable and stylish garage door solutions in the Davie area.


About Davie

Davie is a town in Broward County, Florida, United States, approximately 24 miles (39 km) north of Miami. The town's population was 110,320 at the 2020 census, making it the largest town in Florida by population. Davie is a principal town of the Miami metropolitan area. Horseback riding is common, as much of its historic buildings include ranches and other Western establishments. == History == Prior to European colonization, the Tequesta were the indigenous people of what is now Davie.

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